Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Neurocognitive Assessment

Today Liam goes for a neurocognitive assessment, this is something done before radiation to the brain. They will hopefully get a baseline on Liam, he will need assessments before school during school. I say they "hopefully" will get a baseline, because these days Liam tends to not be open to new people, he's just had to interact with so many people, he doesn't know who is going to poke and prod him or who is going to play games. The assessment is done by playing games, so hopefully the stars align and Liam has some fun too.

We have a little more information on the radiation. Our team has recommended doing radiation to the tumour bed (the tumour was in the posterior fossa at the back of his head), recurrences tend to happen at the original tumour site. This option will hopefully be less of an impact to Liam in terms of the late effects of radiation. Hopefully they will contact us today to give us the details of the plan, they did mention it will be daily radiation treatments for 6 weeks.


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