Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 2 High Dose Chemo Done

Just a quick update, as I am very tired and sleep deprived. Day 2 went uneventful. There was a mixup on dosage of chemo, so it started late again, but it really doesn't make that much difference when we are on the unit anyway. Liam has reduced kidney function due to previous chemo, so there are different calculations on how much Liam can tolerate. We just found about the reduced kidney function, he has had so many tests, and when the surgery came up, we just hadn't asked. We don't know what the impact of the kidney damage is, deal with cancer first, worry about that later, we get so much detail thrown at us every day, we can only handle so much.

Liam's baths have been going great, so much easier than at home! Go figure. He'll need a bath tonight at 3am again, then through tomorrow.

Liam is still feeling good now, but he will start feeling worse as the chemo does its job. We've kept up with a lot of anti-nausea, so at least he hasn't gotten sick and he's still eating some. (mostly cereal and chips still) They don't know how much the chemo will knock Liam out, we'll find out in the next 5 days how much he's impacted.


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