Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rest Day

Today is "rest day" in between the two days of chemo and the stem cell transplant. It wasn't as quiet as we had hoped because Liam's central line has come out further again.

In July, Liam's central line "cuff" had come out:

The central line is supposed to heal into the skin and not move, but obviously Liam's hasn't. Now it came out another centimeter, we don't know why. They had to do an x-ray to make sure it is still in the correct place inside the vein going to his heart. It should be fine for the stem cell transplant tomorrow, but likely not ok for any further chemo. We'll discuss with the doctors what is the best plan, but nothing can really be done until Liam's blood cell counts are back up anyway. (to replace requires surgery)

Liam only ate a bowl of cereal and a banana today, so we'll be putting the NG tube back in tomorrow, but this is not unexpected.

Liam still seems to be feeling ok, although his energy level is down today, he spent more time in bed and on the iPad than normal for him.

We met the BMT (bone marrow transplant) physiotherapist, he's going to help us make sure Liam is getting around and not staying in bed too much in the next while. Liam has a mat in the room to play on the floor and he also brought a small chair for another place for Liam to sit outside of bed. We have seen OT/PT (occupational and physical therapy) for neurology regularly ever since Liam's original surgery. They are by far, Liam's favourite appointments, they have so many toys!


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