Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fast Recovery

Liam had a great day today. The day started out quiet, then the neurosurgeon (and team) came to see Liam, they are very impressed with his recovery, and said we could start reducing his pain medications and see how he does. Liam is so funny, he pretends to be asleep when they come in the room.

He got his IVs taken out and the dressing off of his stitches. The stitches are about the same length as the original scar was.

This afternoon, Liam saw the occupational therapist and physical therapist. Before this, Liam hadn't stood up much yet, then in his session, he stood up and played with trains for a half hour! He was weak, but pretty stable, then he walked a way down the hall after without support. The appointment was in the play room, they have good techniques to see if Liam is using both arms or favouring a side, etc. He appeared to be using both sides very well and moving his head back and forth well.

Depending on how tonight goes, we might get discharged tomorrow. Hard to believe a 4 year old can have a craniotomy on Tuesday and go home by Friday.

What next? We don't know yet. Liam needs 10-14 days of healing time, then when we get the pathology, the doctors will figure out what next.


Michelle Mason said...

That's awesome news Karla! So glad he's recovery so well. Hope you and Troy are hanging in there with all this.

curls said...

Great news! He's one tough kid!

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