Thursday, August 30, 2012

Recovery Mode

Liam is in "recovery" mode right now, he has a lot of preventative medications while his blood cell counts are low, but otherwise we are not doing much medically at the moment, pretty much just waiting.

In previous chemo cycles, we could go home, while we wait for Liam's counts to come up. With high dose chemo with stem cell rescue, we need to wait for his counts to come up before we go home. If everything goes well, Liam's counts could go up in about a week, around 10 days from the stem cell rescue, which was Monday. He gets G-csf (granulocyte-colony stimulating factor- a growth factor that stimulates the bone marrow to make more white blood cells) every day. This is mega-expensive stuff, it's costly when we need to take it at home.

Unfortunately, Liam has had some vomiting and diarrhea every day. We're not totally certain the cause, whether it's the chemo, his stomach having troubles, not tolerating the NG feeds, etc. Whatever the reason, it sucks to see him like that! The doctors are changing things around to try to pinpoint the cause.


Dustin Aleksiuk said...

Poor guy. Thanks for updating.

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