Friday, August 31, 2012


Liam had a tough night last night with more vomiting. They tried giving him Ativan, that wasn't fun and did not prevent more vomiting. Liam also likes to prove doctors wrong, instead of getting tired and sleeping with Ativan, he was up and feisty until after 1am. Then he was up and sick again until 4am. (Gravol doesn't make him sleep either)

As a result of being up half the night, he's slept a lot of the day. Although, he's had a lot of doctor visits, they wanted to rule out a few things before the weekend, so Liam had a very quick MRI scan to make sure fluid obstruction wasn't the reason for the vomiting. He did the MRI without anesthetic, despite the loud machine, he kept very still.

Then late this afternoon, Liam spiked a fever. While he's neutropenic (he has no white blood cells), he's unable to fight infection, so as soon as he gets a fever, they have to give him antibiotics right away to protect him. Liam has gotten a fever 2 out of 3 times when he was neutropenic before.


David Kaspar said...

Oh no, sad to hear about the troubles. Wishing Liam some relief from the fever!

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