Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Feeding Tube Out - Not on Purpose!

Not sure why, but little Miss M decided to swiftly remove Liam’s NG (feeding) tube! It came straight out, didn’t even make Liam gag or anything.

For a long while now, Liam has hardly eaten anything by mouth. When he tries something, you can tell it doesn’t taste good, the chemo has affected his taste.

We told Liam, if he eats, he doesn’t need to get another tube right away. For dinner he ate more than he's eaten in a long time, a 1/4 hot dog with ketchup, some sips of milk and a few spoonfuls of cheerios.

Our biggest concern is giving Liam's medicine, there is no fighting the medicine through his NG tube.

We'll see how long we can comfortably hold out. Liam's never been keen on eating, and would go long periods without eating before, so eating issues are not new. But, we also want him to continue recovering and also be in good shape for the high dose chemo.


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