Friday, August 24, 2012

Stem Cell Transplant Delayed

Look Mom, I'm not connected! Liam is so happy, he's no longer connected to his IV, so he has freedom to play and walk more freely.

Unfortunately, he is not connected, because when they were cleaning the dressing, his central line came out further, and is now 8.5 cms out, which means it is no longer usable. This happened when the nurse was cleaning it, when all of a sudden Liam had to pee, so he wouldn't sit still. But, obviously it wasn't staying in place, so it was going to happen sometime. It just should have happened after the stem cell transplant that was supposed to be this afternoon.

They called off the stem cell transplant until Monday. Today, we will figure out what can be done with the central line. They could do the stem cell transplant with a PICC line, but no sense giving him another poke with a PICC line, when he needs the central line anyway.

We are just waiting to find out if he'll be going to the OR this afternoon for a new central line.


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