Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Morning in ICU

Liam had a fever last night, his temperature is back to normal now. He also has some swelling on his head, forming a bump, they're just keeping an eye on it. Liam was a bit uncomfortable, so they bumped his morphine a bit up in the night, but he's not on a high amount of morphine. (it seems crazy to me that he doesn't need a huge amount, kids are so resilient)

Liam's face was really swollen yesterday, he had a tough time opening one eye, but the swelling has gone down, he's still very puffy, but his eyes look a lot better. A combination of being face down during surgery and all the fluids through his IV cause a lot puffiness.

Liam woke up this morning and asked to have his new motorbike toy. He is talking to us... when he wants! I was trying to get him to talk to me, he wouldn't until I asked whether he wanted to watch the channel that was on or Treehouse, he was pretty adamant about putting on Treehouse! Then "Mom, I don't like this show!". It would normally bug me hearing him be fussy about tv channel/shows, but it sounds great right now.

The plan for today is to go for an MRI (we aren't booked, we just get called in). Then when Liam recovers from the anesthetic (for the MRI), we will move to Unit 3.


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