Friday, August 10, 2012

Good News with Confusing News

A mostly uneventful day. Last night Liam had discomfort, likely due to a hematoma (bruised bump) on the back of his head. The hematoma isn't a problem, but uncomfortable and sore. As a result we'll be staying one more night in the hospital in case he has pain again, they won't send Liam home with morphine. Liam was very active today, we played dragons in the play room.

The good news is the pathology is negative for tumour cells.

The confusing news is the MRI still has remaining cells "lighting up" the MRI that Liam had after the surgery.

Our oncologist and neurosurgeon have been going back and forth about what it means all day... it's meant we've had some exhausting conversations.

The conclusion is that we don't know for sure what's showing in the MRI and they can speculate, but we won't know. It will just be something that will require monitoring with MRIs.

Because the pathology is negative, we'll continue the current protocol and start the first cycle of three high dose chemo with stem cell rescue, we don't have the exact start date yet.


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