Friday, August 24, 2012

In Recovery from Surgery

Nothing like a last minute Friday afternoon surgery just to make sure we're all completely exhausted.

Liam is back in his room now, having a nap. He woke up from anesthetic quite upset, but generally likes a nap after he gets anesthetic.

I expect this talk of central lines doesn't make sense to most people, just be glad if you never have to know about one. If you want to see some pictures and details, google "Broviac".

Liam got a smaller central line this time, because he's done some of the procedures that required a bigger one. As much as I dislike the central line, it prevents Liam from getting pokes multiple times a week, so it is a necessary evil. The central line is used for IV fluids, blood transfusions, chemo, antibiotics, etc, as well as taking blood for blood tests.

Let's hope we have better luck with this one.


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