Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 0 - Stem Cell Infusion Day

Just another morning of crafts and pirate ships.

Liam is still feeling really well this morning. I have been told that the effects are cumulative, so I was quite worried about this cycle, so far it has been easier than the last cycle when Liam had the fever that went on and on. Though Liam's blood counts have not gone down and the vomiting hasn't started - yet. They both will hit soon.

The stem cell infusion is this afternoon. The stem cell infusion is quite the ordeal, because they have to bring Liam's frozen stem cells from the "bank", it will be the same as the other 2 cycles. The issue we faced with the previous 2 cycles is Liam coughs and gets sick, a side effect of the preservative used to freeze the stem cells. 

During the infusion we have a room full of people. The person who brings the stem cells and thaws them, 1 nurse who does the infusion, 1 nurse who tracks everything that happens and usually a nurse watching/training. They give Liam Benadryl, Gravol, Grinisitron (anti-nausea), Ativan plus Liam's regular steroids, etc. But because of all the people in the room, Liam doesn't sleep, he forces himself to keep his eyes open. Maybe this being the third time, he can relax, ha.


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