Monday, October 29, 2012

Day +7 Fever

Liam's fever continued today, he was up and down through the day and still is having times when he is nauseous.

Liam no longer has daily baths and dressing changes, so that is nice to have that over with.

It was a pretty quiet day, although Liam did get a bit of a play with Grandma and his sister this afternoon, this helped get Liam up and playing out of bed for a while.

This morning, Liam dressed up as Buzz, watched "Toy Story 2" and played with his Toy Story characters. Then later on he got out of his Buzz costume and watched "How to Train Your Dragon". This afternoon, Liam and M drove cars together, driving down the "hill" footstool. Child life provided us a mat for the floor, so it is a good place for them to play together.


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