Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day +2

Another big day, Liam's still feeling really well. Grandma and little sister M came for a visit, her and Liam played pirates together.

Liam's current room is right across from the beautiful fish tank, he got to watch the fish being fed and the fish tank getting cleaned right from his bed. He was concerned Nemo wasn't getting enough food though.

Then, it is Wednesday, BINGO day, a big day on Unit 1. The bingo prize cart is unbelievable, Liam was very excited by his win of a Lego Toy Story set. When that cart comes around, it is no easy task for a 4 year old to pick something.

Liam's blood counts are still on the way down, Liam's white blood cells and ANC will go to 0 before they go back up again.

Liam Day +1 Liam Day +2 Normal Range When take action
White Blood Cells 23.5 16.6 4.0-14.0 n/a
Hemoglobin 94 95 110-157 <80
Platelets 65 42 150-400 <10-20
ANC 22900 16200

View Blood Cell Counts here.


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