Friday, October 5, 2012

Vomiting and Transfusions

Just like last cycle, Liam is experiencing vomiting, they feel like he shouldn't be vomiting from chemotherapy this far out (it's been over a week), but he's following the same pattern as last time. Liam has been vomiting once every day, then yesterday 3 times, poor kid, he's got every anti-nausea medication they can give him.

Because all Liam's blood cell counts are pretty much at the bottom (we hope he is on the up turn now or soon), he is more tired today, he slept all morning and a few hours this afternoon. This week, the only times Liam has slept has been in the carseat on the way home or back to the hospital, so it's no wonder he is tired today, it's been a big deal going home on day passes, on top of having low blood counts.

This afternoon Liam got a platelets transfusion and a red blood cell transfusion. Hopefully the red blood cells will perk him up. I always say a little thank you to the bags of blood.

During the transfusion, they take Liam's blood pressure every 15 minutes, when he's tired he stops fighting the blood pressure cuff, normally he's not too keen to leave it on.


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