Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day +1

Not too much going on today. Liam's feeling well today, although when we're in the hospital he only wants to play in bed these days, but today he was up playing pirates on the day bed, or should I say "the ocean". When the pirate ship goes out to sea, the day bed is the ocean, I'm sure this is obvious :-)

We may have been able to get a day pass, but after the huge snowfall, I thought we might as well stay indoors until the chaos of the first big snow was over and the streets were plowed.

Things are quieter when Liam isn't getting IV antibiotics every couple of hours as was the case the last 2 cycles. Not to mention the tests and visits from Infectious Disease last cycle due to the persistent fever, without all that things are very quiet for us. If we can just stay fever free this time, that would make things go so much easier!

We have a bunch of little friends who play outside our room window.


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