Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Playing "Soccer" on the Weeekend

video a video by Troy and Karla Gould on Flickr.
Liam has some mild Posterior Fossa Syndrome from his surgeries, but overall we are incredibly lucky at how well he has done. Liam's tumour was in the cerebellum, in the posterior fossa area of the brain, surgery here can cause problems with motor skills (many kids end up unable to walk, some unable to speak). Liam has some shaking in his hands, but is doing really well with his fine motor skills, through doing lots of small Lego activities, stickers and colouring.

Physio encourages us not to let Liam live in a bubble, as kids will fall! The way for his motor skills to improve is doing what kids do, running, jumping, climbing, etc, especially on uneven surfaces like grass.

Seeing Liam run around the yard is just so wonderful to see.


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