Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nothing Feels "Normal"

When we were at home this afternoon, Liam and M were both very excited. Liam was running and tripped over the edge of the rug and bumped his head. He had a cry, little sister brought him his teddy and he was okay. Liam had a bump and a start of a bruise on his head, but off Liam went playing again.

I told the nurse about it when we got back, as when Liam's platelets are low, bleeding and bruising are a concern (platelets lead to blood clotting, so without them, excessive bleeding can occur). She got a doctor to check him out as well, just to make sure, and they ordered a CBC. Liam's platelets are 22, they were going to give him a transfusion if he was under 20, the doctor thinks he should be able to clot with 22. This probably means Liam will need a platelets transfusion a couple of times or more this time, last cycle he had 2 platelets transfusions.

You know I've been doing this too long when I am the one to request a type and cross match when they do his next bloodwork. (the type and cross match enables them to order compatible blood for a transfusion, Liam gets a special wrist band)

Looking forward to the day where we can laugh off a fall and bump.


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