Saturday, October 20, 2012

Last Day of Chemo

It's hard to believe, round 6 of chemo is done. Although it is the last day of chemo, the cycle has just started, so we're not celebrating yet, the stem cell rescue is on Monday. So far Liam hasn't had any nausea, previously it has started a few days after chemo.

What we are celebrating is that Liam ate a bowl of cereal, a whole cheese quesadilla, a chocolate quinoa cupcake and chocolate milk, all before 3pm! (You may notice chocolate remnants on his face in the picture)

The baths are going pretty well compared to last cycle. After every bath, we also have to do a central line dressing change, and unfortunately these are going horribly. It is critical that Liam lays down still while his central line gets cleaned, but he's been kicking, flailing and crying. Of course we cannot blame him, it is so hard by this point, not to mention he is tired from being woken up in the night to have a bath. We bought some new bribery toys from the dollar store, not sure if this will help or he'll just be mad that the toys aren't cars or trains!


curls said...

Hooray for being done Chemo!!!!!!!


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