Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day +8 Counts Still Down

Liam's counts are still down, tomorrow is the day that we hope they'll be coming up.

As I mentioned, the daily baths and dressing changes are no longer required because we are far enough out of the chemo that required it. Last night, Liam said to Troy "Mommy didn't give me a bath today!" haha, keeps me honest!

Liam really knows how to take over the hospital room, I had no where to sit! :-) It takes some encouraging to get him to get out of bed, so I am just glad when I can get him out of bed to get him moving around.

Liam got a transfusion of platelets again today. His platelets were lower when we started chemo, so I'm not too surprised that he's needed them a couple of times. He also got IVIG (intravenous immune globulin), which required Liam to be "connected" to the IV for a couple of hours, with frequent blood pressure checks. This was a challenge because his sister and Grandma came to the hospital again and Liam really wanted to run around. We had a pizza party tonight, as it's Grandma's last night in Calgary, even though Liam won't eat pizza, he was pretty excited.

Fingers crossed for blood counts (ANC >=500) in the morning... although, not sure when we will be able to be discharged quite yet due to the fever and antibiotics, we'll see what they say tomorrow. It will be a big day though, it's bingo day and there is lots of fun planned for Halloween.

See updated counts here.


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