Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What Next

We've gotten a lot of questions about what is next for Liam. To be honest, it's hard for us to think of what is next, we are so focused on getting through this cycle. The current cycle is 28 days, so Liam will need to go to clinic and get his blood counts done, at least a couple of times after we're discharged. Then we have our follow up with the neurosurgeon, hearing test, kidney test plus some others I can't remember at the moment.

At the end of the cycle, Liam will get an MRI and lumbar puncture to make sure there are no signs of disease (if that mystery spot that Liam had surgery on in August would be completely gone, that would be a big bonus and big relief). Based on these results they will recommend a course of radiation. We haven't met with the radiologist yet to find out how much radiation, how long of a course it would be or when it would start. I assume Liam has to also get his blood counts back to a certain level after chemo (after 28 days, the counts are still not "normal"), but how quick we start will also be determined from the MRI and lumbar puncture results.


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