Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day +3 Day Pass

Yay for a day pass today!

Liam is still feeling really good, he hasn't even had any vomiting in the last couple of days. He gets regular Granisitron and when he feels nauseous, we give Liam Gravol right away, which is a couple of times a day. Liam is not near as sick as he was at this time the previous 2 cycles. On day +3 both times, Liam was vomiting 2-3 times a day. I am really jinxing things here aren't I.....

We did Liam's regular bath and dressing change this morning, then we were able to leave just before noon and come back for IV g-csf at 4:00.

It's very nice to get home, Liam may play with the same cars and trains, but it is such a welcome change of scenery. Except that he forgot his new Lego Jessie and Bullseye at home, ugh.

As I'm typing this, completely out of the blue, Liam said "Mommy, next year I don't want you to forget the bouncy castle on my birthday"! I don't even think we talked about a bouncy castle for his 4th birthday, but with the central line and NG tube, it just was too stressful. He had one when he turned 3 though, I guess it was memorable. I cannot wait to get him the best bouncy castle possible next year!


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